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Online Book of Abstracts now available!

The Book of Abstracts as (low resolution) pdf download here.


Poster Guidelines

Four poster sessions are scheduled from 14:30 to 16:00 on:
Monday the 22nd - Poster Number Modulo 4 = 0
Tuesday the 23rd - Poster Number Modulo 4 = 1
Wednesday the 24th- Poster Number Modulo 4 = 2
Thursday the 25th - Poster Number Modulo 4 = 3

Posters will be on exhibition for the whole duration of the conference. The authors are requested to put the posters on the boards by 2 pm on Monday, August 22nd latest and to withdraw them by 7 pm on Thursday, August 25th. Poster display size is 1 m by 1.20 m. Supplies will be available to fix the poster to the boards.

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