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Climate − Today's Weather

Climate in Frankfurt during August will be mild with temperatures around 28°C during day time. It might get a little chilly at night so make sure to bring a light sweater. Also be prepared for some occasional summer rain.

Weather Frankfurt
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There is plenty to see in Frankfurt am Main. The unique skyline, the city´s premier sight - seeing attraction, is visible for miles. The Römer, Frankfurt Cathedral and St. Paul´s Church are all absolute must-sees. If the hustle and bustle of everyday business life is not what you prefer, then take a relaxing stroll down to the majestic River Main and pay a visit to the "Gardens of Nice", brimful with all forms of Mediterranean flora. The Main metropolis is actually well known for its many beautiful parks and gardens, while the popular Palmengarten, the city´s botanical gardens, impresses with plant life from all across the globe. Frankfurt Zoo is another popular family destination, one that looks back on over 150 years of history and tradition. Expect yet another memorable experience at the time-honoured Höchst Porcelain Manufactory, where the secrets of porcelain manufacture are revealed. More vivid history is on display at the Goethe-House, birthplace of Frankfurt´s favourite son. Yet while some associate the Main metropolis with Germany´s most celebrated author and poet, others rather tend to think of the city´s immensely popular beverage, the famous Frankfurt apple wine. You will be able to get a taste of Frankfurt apple wine during a stop-over in Old Sachsenhausen. The bright red, "hop-on, hop-off" double-decker bus is a great way for visitors to discover "Mainhattan", enabling them to create their own personal city sightseeing tour. Here, in the city of short distances, you will find that most downtown sightseeing attractions are within walking distance of one another.

Paulskirche (St. Paul´s Church)
− a birthplace of democracy.

Goethe House − where the most famous son of Frankfurt was born.

The Römer − Frankfurt´s city hall.

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View Frankfurt from top!
Click here for a 360° view from one of Frankfurt´s largest skyscrapers.

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Cafes, Shopping, Theatres, Museums ... where to go?

Frankfurt´s culinary offerings are as diversified and international as the city itself. Here in "Mainhattan", diners are confronted with many difficult choices. What to have ? Delicacies from around the globe or local specialties ?

Our gastronomy portal will help you find everything from apple wine pubs, bars and beer gardens to internationally renowned restaurants and trendy eateries. Also search for bars and clubs , cafés and great shopping places !

To list all of Frankfurts museums and theatres is a monumental task ! Here you can find more information.

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