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Invited Speakers

Plenary Lectures

Ivano Bertini, University of Florence, Italy (Wed. 18:15)
Robert Bittl, Free University of Berlin, Germany (Thu. 9:15)
Geoffrey Bodenhausen, EPFL, Switzerland; ENS,Paris, France (Mon. 8:30)
Jürgen Haase, University of Leipzig, Germany (Wed. 9:15)
Mei Hong, Iowa State University, USA (Mon. 9:15)
Wayne Hubbell, UCLA, USA (Tue. 9:15)
Gunnar Jeschke, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Wed. 12:15)
Horst Kessler, Technical University Munich, Germany (Wed. 10:30)
Ann McDermott, Columbia University, USA (Tue. 8:30)
Beat Meier, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Thu. 18:15)
Klaas Prüssmann, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Wed. 8:30)
Ilme Schlichting, MPI for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany (Tue. 18:15)
Shimon Vega, Weizmann Institute, Israel (Thu. 8:30)
Kurt Wüthrich, The Scripps Research Institute, USA; ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Mon. 18:15)

Prize Lectures

The Russell Varian Prize of the AMPERE Group
Gareth A. Morris, University of Manchester, United Kingdom (Sun. 17:50)

The Raymond Andrew Prize of the AMPERE Group
Mark Hunter, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Sun. 18:30)

International EPR/ESR Society (IES) Awards
Gold Medal:
Ronald P. Mason, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, USA (Sun. 19:00)
Silver MedalMedal - Instrumentation:
Graham Smith, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom (Thu. 16:00)
Young Investigator Award:
Enrica Bordignon, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Thu. 16:35)
Alexey Silakov, Max-Planck Institute of Bioinorganic Chemistry, Germany (Thu. 17:00)
IES Fellows of the Society:
Klaus Möbius, Free University Berlin, Germany (Thu. 17:25)

Ernst Award of the Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Division of the GDCh:
Michael Braun, Technical University Munich, Germany (Wed. 11:15)
Jiři Nováček, Masaryk University, Czech Republic (Wed. 11:35)
Robert Hänsel & Ivan Krstić, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany (Wed. 11:55)

The MRC Award for Young Scientists by John Wiley & Sons:
Ilia Kaminker, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (Mon. 17:00)
Sami Jannin, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland (Thu. 11:25)
Maria-Teresa Türke, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany (Wed. 17:00)

The Ulderico Segre Prize:
Loïc Salmon, Université Joseph Fourier, France (Thu. 16:35)

Session Lectures

Silvio Aime, University of Torino, Italy (Mon. 12:15)
Martin Blackledge, IBS, Grenoble, France (Mon. 17:25)
Rolf Boelens, Utrecht University, The Netherlands (Mon. 16:00)
Anja Böckmann, CNRS, Lyon, France (Tue. 17:25)
Teresa Carlomagno, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany (Tue. 12:15)
John Christodoulou, UCL, United Kingdom (Mon. 12:15)
Jack Freed, Cornell University, USA (Thu. 12:15)
Lucio Frydman,Weizmann Institute, Israel (Thu. 16:00)
Steffen Glaser, Technical University Munich, Germany (Thu. 12:15)
Clemens Glaubitz, University of Frankfurt, Germany (Tue. 16:00)
Daniella Goldfarb, Weizmann Institute, Israel (Mon. 12:15)
Didier Gourier, ENS, Paris, France (Tue. 10:50)
Robert G. Griffin, MIT, USA (Mon. 16:00)
Angela M. Gronenborn, University of Pittsburgh, USA (Wed. 17:25)
Ruth M. Gschwind, University of Regensburg, Germany (Tue. 16:00)
Dariush Hinderberger, MPI for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany (Tue. 12:15)
Alexej Jerschow, NYU, USA (Tue. 16:35)
Walter Köckenberger, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (Mon. 17:25)
Anne Lesage, CRMN, Lyon, France (Thu. 17:25)
Wolfgang Lubitz, MPI for Bioinorganic Chemistry, Mülheim, Germany (Mon. 10:50)
Frank Neese, University of Bonn, Germany (Wed. 16:00)
Georgios Papavassiliou, IMS, Athens, Greece (Wed. 17:25)
Giacomo Parigi, University of Florence, Florence, Italy (Tue. 10:50)
Miquel Pons, University of Barcelona, Spain (Tue. 17:25)
Andres Ramos, NIMR, United Kingdom (Thu. 16:00)
Bernd Reif, Technical University Munich, Germany (Wed. 10:50)
Inés Garcia Rubio, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Tue. 10:50)
Olav Schiemann, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom (Wed. 10:50)
Alexander Schnegg, HZB, Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics, Germany (Mon. 16:00)
Snorri Sigurdsson, University of Iceland, Iceland (Wed. 16:00)
Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff, University of Osnabrück, Germany (Wed. 17:25)
Dieter Suter, University of Dortmund, Germany (Mon. 17:25)
Jens Wöhnert, University of Frankfurt, Germany (Thu. 17:25)
Peter Wright, The Scripps Research Institute, USA (Mon. 10:50)
Sophie Zinn-Justin, CEA, Saclay, France (Wed. 16:00)

Tutorial Lectures

"Crossing the Borders:
        From Liquid and Solid State NMR to DNP and EPR"

Marina Bennati, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany (Sun. 15:20)
Edgar Groenen, Leiden University, The Netherlands (Sun. 16:10)
James Keeler, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (Sun. 13:20)
Malcolm Levitt, University of Southampton, United Kingdom (Sun. 14:10)

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