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10:00-17:30 Registration
13:15-17:00 Tutorial Lectures

James Keeler: "Coherence order and coherence selection"
Malcolm Levitt: "Superoperators and relaxation phenomena"
Marina Bennati: "Dynamic nuclear polarization"
Edgar Groenen: "Trends in pulsed and high-frequency EPR"
17:30-19:30 Opening & Prize Session

Gareth A. Morris: "What's in a name?"
Mark W. Hunter: "Measurement and simulation of the nonlocal dispersion tensor "
Ronald P. Mason: "The Fidelity of Spin Trapping with DMPO in Biological Systems"
19:30 Welcome Mixer

8:30 Geoffrey Bodenhausen: "Shuttling and Spinning Samples with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization"
9:15 Mei Hong: "Structure, dynamics, and mechanisms of the influenza M2 protein from solid-state NMR"
10:00 Coffee
Lecture Hall 3 Lecture Hall 4 Lecture Hall 5
10:50 P.E. Wright:
"Characterization of Transient Protein Folding and Unfolding Processes by NMR Relaxation Dispersion"
I.V. Koptyug:
"Recent Advances in MR Imaging of Heterogeneous Catalysis"
W. Lubitz:
"Multifrequency EPR Studies of Oxygen-Tolerant Hydrogenases "
11:25 P. Neudecker:
"Solution Structure of a Low-populated Protein Folding Intermediate from NMR Relaxation Dispersion Spectroscopy Rationalizes Aggregation Propensity at Atomic Resolution"
S. Gloeggler:
"Para-hydrogen Induced Polarization of Amino Acids, Peptides and Deuterium-hydrogen Gas"
A.M. Bowen:
"Progress and Challenges in Measuring the Orientational Dependence of DEER for Transition Metals in Model Systems and Proteins"
11:50 B. Brutscher:
"Polarization Enhancement in BEST-TROSY NMR. Application to the Study of Protein Folding Intermediates and Intrinsically Disordered Proteins"
Y. Hertzberg:
"Tissue Elasticity Measurement Using Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging"
G. Mathies:
"Continuous-wave EPR at 275 GHz. New Insights into the Iron-binding Sites of Transferrin"
12:15 J. Christodoulou:
"Co-translational protein folding on the ribosome: Using NMR spectroscopy to provide structure and dynamics of ribosomes and ribosome-nascent chains"
S. Aime:
"CEST (Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer) agents for innovative MR-Molecular Imaging investigation"
D. Goldfarb:
"Nanometer scale distance measurements in biomolecules using Gd3+ spin labelling"
12:50 Lunch
14:30 Poster Session One
Lecture Hall 3 Lecture Hall 4 Lecture Hall 5
16:00 R. Boelens:
"Structure and Dynamics in Gene Regulation and DNA Repair"
B. Griffin:
"Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at High Magnetic Fields"
A. Schnegg:
"FD FT THz EPR on High Spin Transition Metal Ion Clusters"
16:35 C.B. Post:
"Domain Orientation for Controlling Protein Interactions"
M. Lelli:
"Surface Enhanced NMR by DNP: Analysis of the Sensitivity Enhancement and Application to a New Class of Porous Materials"
A. Blank:
"High Sensitivity Pulsed Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy with Induction Detection"
17:00 D. Lee:
"Molecular Recognition Kinetics within Inaccessible Time Window"
C. Hilty:
"Hyperpolarized NMR of Polypeptides"
I. Kaminker:
"Mn2+-Nitroxide W-band DEER as Tool to Measure nm Scale Distances in RNA and Protein RNA Complexes"
17:25 M. Blackledge: "Towards A Robust Description of Intrinsic Protein Disorder using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy" W. Köckenberger:
"Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization - Advances in Theory and Experimental Implementation"
D. Suter:
"EPR with Small Resonators and Small Numbers of Spins"
18:15 Kurt Wüthrich:
"Exploring the Protein Universe with Biomolecular NMR"
19:00 Hospitality Suite

8:30 Anne McDermott: "Conformational Exchage Processes in the Ion Channel KcsA"
9:15 Wayne L. Hubbell: "Exploring Molecular Flexibility and the Energy Landscape of a Protein with Site-Directed Spin Labeling"
10:00 Coffee
Lecture Hall 3 Lecture Hall 4 Lecture Hall 5
10:50 I. Garcia Rubio:
"Magnetic Resonance Studies on Magnetotactic Bacteria"
G. Parigi:
"Is There a Sensible Approach to the Inverse Problem of Many Conformations Providing Only Few Average Parameters?"
D. Gourier:
"What EPR Reveals about the Origin of Life"
11:25 I. Krstić:
"In-cell Pulsed EPR on Nucleic Acids"
B. Corzilius:
"High Field Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with High-spin Transition Metal Ions "
J. van Slageren:
"Quantum Coherence in Molecular Nanomagnets"
11:50 P. Barraud:
"An Unexpected Zinc-binding Motif Embedded in a dsRBD Revealed a New Class of Regulatory Domain Mediating Nuclear Localization of Dicer"
M.J. Knight:
"Fast Fold Determination of the 153-residue Protein Superoxide Dismutase by High-Resolution Proton-detected Solid-state MAS NMR"
G. Mitrikas:
"Pulsed EPR Characterization of Encapsulated Atomic Hydrogen in Octasilsesquioxane Cages"
12:15 T. Carlomagno:
"Protein Recognition and Functional Mechanisms of Non-coding RNAs"
J. Kowalewski:
"Field-dependent Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement in Solutions of Ni(II): What Happens above the Proton Frequency of 1 GHz?"
D. Hinderberger:
"EPR Spectroscopy on Serum Albumin"
12:50 Lunch
14:30 Poster Session Two
Lecture Hall 3 Lecture Hall 4 Lecture Hall 5
16:00 R.M. Gschwind:
"Enamine and Brønsted Acid Catalysis- Intermediates Trapped by NMR"
C. Glaubitz:
"Biophysical Insight into Structure and Function of Proteorhodopsin by Solid-state NMR"
J. Dolinšek:
"NMR of Quasicrystals and Complex Metallic Alloys"
16:35 A. Jerschow:
"Long Lived Coherent Response Signal Imaging"
A. Loquet:
"Supramolecular Assemblies Studied by Solid-state NMR: The Structure of the Type Three Secretion System Needle"
T.E. Exner:
"Towards Quantum Chemical NMR Chemical Shifts of Proteins"
17:00 B.E. Bode:
"The Heart of Photosynthesis Illuminated by Joining Photo-CIDNP and Quantum Chemistry"
G. Gröbner:
"Insight into Apoptotic Events in Intact Mitochondria by Solid State NMR"
D.J. Hirsh:
"Measuring Long-range Distances and Exchange Couplings in DNA Using Saturation-recovery EPR"
17:25 M. Pons:
"Dynamic Interactions of Proteins and DNA Related to Pathogenicity"
A. Böckmann:
"Prion structures: a single architecture?"
J.H. Enemark:
"Determination of the Structure of the Mo(V) Center of Sulfite Oxidase by Variable Frequency Pulsed EPR Spectroscopy, 33S and 17O Labeling, and DFT Calculations"
18:15 Ilme Schlichting: "Nanocrystals - Extending Opportunities in Structural Biology"
19:00 Hospitality Suite

8:30 Klaas Pruessmann: "Mind the Field - Dynamic magnetometry for MRI"
9:15 Jürgen Haase: "NMR at the Highest Magnetic Fields and Pressures - Applications to Quantum Solids"
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Horst Kessler: "NMR Studies of Proteins and Their Interactions: Dynamics of Folding and Defolding of Helices is Essential for Biological Function"
11:15 Ernst Awards

Michael Braun: "Cooperative Pulses"
Jiři Nováček: "5D 13C-detected experiments for backbone assignment of unstructured proteins with a very low signal dispersion"
Robert Hänsel & Ivan Krstić: "Long Range Distance Measurements on Nucleic Acids in Cells by Pulsed EPR Spectroscopy"
12:15 Gunnar Jeschke: "Membrane Protein Structure and Structural Transitions: An EPR View"
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Poster Session Three
Lecture Hall 3 Lecture Hall 4 Lecture Hall 5
16:00 S. Zinn-Justin:
"Structural Organization of Bacteriophage Head-to-tail Connection, as Characterized by EM, NMR and Bioinformatics"
F. Neese:
"Theoretical EPR Spectroscopy of Open-Shell Transition Metal Complexes with Strong Spin Orbit Coupling"
S. Sigurdsson:
"Strategies for Site-Directed Spin Labeling of Nucleic Acids"
16:35 U. Akbey:
"Spin Gymnastics with Deuterated Proteins: Solid-State NMR & DNP"
N.C. Nielsen:
"Optimal Rf Pulse, Cross-Polarization, and Multiple-Dimensional Sampling Package for Solid-State on Perdeuterated Proteins"
B. Guigliarelli:
"Dynamic Disorder Evidenced by SDSL-EPR in a Multienzyme Complex Involved in CO2 Assimilation by Microalgae"
17:00 K. Tripsianes:
"Structural Basis for Dimethyl-arginine Recognition by Tudor Domains"
E.R.H. van Eck:
"Unprecedented 27Al MAS NMR Resolution on Zeolite Single Crystals"
M.-T. Türke:
"Saturation Factor of Nitroxide Radicals in Liquid DNP by Pulsed ELDOR Experiments at 0.34 T and 3.4 T"
17:25 A.M. Gronenborn:
"Mannose-binding Lectins - Cyanovirin and Beyond"
G. Papavissiliou:
"NMR Studies of Novel Strongly Correlated Electron Materials"
H.-J. Steinhoff:
"Lipid Sensing and Transmembrane Signaling Studied by Site-directed Spin Labeling EPR"
18:15 Ivano Bertini: "Lightening from NMR in Life Sciences"
19:00 Cracker & Drinks

8:30 Shimon Vega: "A closer look at Dynamic Nuclear Polarization"
9:15 Robert Bittl: "Multi-frequency EPR in biophysics and material science"
10:00 Coffee
Lecture Hall 3 Lecture Hall 4 Lecture Hall 5
10:50 J. Balbach:
"Exploring Protein Energy Landscapes by NMR"
B. Reif:
"Solid-State NMR Investigations of Aggregates Formed by Perdeuterated Alzheimer's Disease Ab Peptides"
O. Schiemann:
"X- and W-Band PELDOR: Conformational States of Model Systems and the Ion Channel MscS"
11:25 S. Jannin:
"Ultra High Resolution NMR: Sustained Induction Decays of Long-lived Coherences"
M.R. Hansen:
"A Method for Revealing the Local Packing Organization in Conjugated Semi-crystalline Polymers"
O.G. Poluektov:
"Biomimetic Hydrogen Production: Multifrequency EPR and DFT Study of Cobaloxime Catalyst"
11:50 G. Pileio:
"Longtime Storage of Hyperpolarization via Singlet States in High Field"
M.J.N. Junk:
"Interplay of Order, Disorder, and Dynamics in Polymer-Fullerene Blends for Photovoltaic Applications"
S. van Doorslaer:
"EPR Analysis of Chromium-sugar Interactions"
12:15 S. Glaser:
"Robust and Cooperative Control of Spins"
H. Heise:
"Protein Misfolding, Membrane Interactions and Paramagnetism Studied by Solid State NMR Spectroscopy"
J.H. Freed:
"ESR Studies of Dynamics and Structure of Proteins and Membranes at ACERT"
12:50 Lunch
14:30 Poster Session Four
Lecture Hall 3 Lecture Hall 4 Lecture Hall 5
16:00 A. Ramos:
"Molecular Bases of Gene Regulation by FUSE Binding Proteins"
L. Frydman:
"Alternatives in the Rapid Acquisition of Multidimensional NMR and MRI Data"
G. Smith:
"Bringing the NMR Paradigm to EPR"
16:35 L. Salmon:
"Protein Conformational Dynamics and Weak Complex Formation"
T. Meersmann:
"Hyperpolarization of spin I > 1/2 Noble Gasses Beyond 10% Spin Polarization for Biomedical MR Applications"
E. Bordignon:
"Helpful tools for SDSL EPR on membrane proteins: DNP water accessibility, His-tag labeling and high power Q band"
17:00 E. Kupce:
"Detecting the 'Afterglow' of 13C NMR in Proteins Using Multiple Receivers"
E.B. Brunner:
"High-Pressure in situ 129Xe NMR spectroscopy of breathing transitions in Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) compounds"
A. Silakov:
"Understanding the Hydrogen-converting Cluster of [FeFe] Hydrogenase"
17:25 J. Wöhnert:
"The Functional Dynamics of Synthetic Riboswitches"
A. Lesage:
"Surface Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization"
K. Möbius:
"Conformational Changes During Primary Photosynthesis as Studied by Orientation Resolving Pulse Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy"
18:15 Beat H. Meier: "Amyloids by Solid-State NMR: Structure, Dynamics and Interactions with Small Molecules"
20:00 Dinner
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