The programme is shown below or can be downloaded as printable PDF file. Last updated 13.6.2006

Scientific Programme EUROMAR 2006
16 - 21 July 2006, York, England

Sunday 16 July
From 14.00 Registration & Poster mounting
18.30 Mixer & Dinner
20.00 Welcome: Central Hall
EUROMAR Medal Lecture
Sir Peter Mansfield “MRI of Fluid Flow in Porous Media - Applications to the Oil Industry”
21.00 Hospitality suite party by JEOL & Oxford Instruments and Poster mounting
Monday 17 July
09.00 Plenary Lectures:
Pharmaceutical Applications

Central Hall
Lucio Frydman “Principles and Progress in Ultrafast Multidimensional NMR”
Klaes Golman “Real-time Metabolic Imaging using Hyperpolarized C-13”
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Session 1A:
Pharmaceutical Applications 1

Duncan Farrant Chair
Tony Watts
Session 1B:
Imaging 1:

Kevin Brindle Chair
Silvio Aime
“Receptor dynamics and structure in membranes resolved using solid state NMR”
“Targeting and Responsive Probes for MR Molecular Imaging Applications”
1. Andrew Mason
2. Jean-Basptiste Guilbaud
3. Christoph Deller
4. Luis Pedros
5. Michael Fey
6. Susie Huang

12.45 Lunch
14.15 Session 2A:
High Sensitivity MR 1:
Malcolm Levitt Chair
Joerg Wrachtrup
Session 2B:
Imaging 2:
Kevin Brindle Chair
Alan Koretsky
“Single Spin Experiments with Microwave and Optical Fields”

“Functional, Molecular and Cellular MRI of the Rodent Brain”

7. Herve Desvaux
8. Walter Kockenberger
9. Yung-Ya Lin

10. Thomas Oerther
11. Alexander Karabanov
12. Bernhard Blumich

16.00 Tea Break
16.30 Session 3A:
Biosolids 1:
Beat Meier Chair
Hartmut Oscinat
Session 3B:
Solid State Physics 2:
Janez Dolinsek Chair
Ferdinando Borsa
“NMR detection of Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetization in Molecular Nanomagnets”

13. Eike Brunner
14. Anne Lesage
15. Vikram Bajaj

16. Pieter Magusin
17. Keiji Shimoda
18. Beau Webber

18:00 Bruker Vendor presentations: Central Hall
19.00 Dinner
20.30 Hospitality Suites with Bruker Party

Tuesday 18 July
09.00 Plenary Lectures:

Methods in Solids:
Paramagnetic Sys:
Central Hall

Lyndon Emsley “NMR Crystallography of Powders”
Jan Schmidt "High-Frequency EPR and ENDOR Spectroscopy on Semiconductor Nanoparticles"
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Session 4A:
Methods in Solids:
Jeremy Titman Chair
Stephen Wimperis
Session 4B:
Paramagnetic Systems 2:
Daniella Goldfarb Chair
Thomas Prisner
“NMR of quadrupolar nuclei in solids: new methods for studying structure and dynamics”
“Multidimensional Hyperfine and REFINE Spectroscopy on Metalloenzymes”

19. Sharon Ashbrook
20. Sasa Antonijevic
21. Steven Brown

22. Edward Reijerse
23. George Mitrikas
24. Victor Chechik

12.45 Lunch
14.15 Session 5A:
Pharmaceutical Applications 2:
Duncan Farrant Chair
Jacques Courtieu
Session 5B:
Paramagnetic Systems 1:
Daniella Goldfarb Chair
Klaus Moebius
“NMR in chiral liquid crystal solvents”
“High-field EPR on Membrane Proteins: Probing Functional States with High Resolution and High Sensitivity”

25. Mate Erdelyi
26. Ulrich Scheler
27. Monika Bayrhuber

28. Silvia Schleidt
29. Damien Murphy
30. Vadim Atsarkin

16.00 Tea Break
16.30 Poster Session 1
18:00 Varian Vendor presentations: Central Hall
19.00 Dinner
20:30 Prize Session: AMPERE, ER Andrew and Russell Varian prizes.
22:00 Hospitality Suites with Varian Party

Wednesday 19 July
09.00 Plenary Lectures:
High Sensitivity MR:
Central Hall
Robert Griffin “High Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Solids and Liquids”
Cornelis Elsevier “High Pressure and Transition Metal NMR Spectroscopy: Splendid Tools for Molecular Sciences”
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Session 6A:
High Sensitivity MR 2:
Malcolm Levitt Chair
HongWen Jiang
Session 6B:
Catalysis 1:
Simon Duckett Chair
Michael Anderson
“Single Electron Spin Detection in Silicon Based Semi-conductor Structures”
“Nanoporous Catalysts : Formation and Function”

31. Damir Blazina
32. Joerg Matysik
33. John Clarke

34. Rudolph Willem
35. Michael Hansen
36. Olga Lapina

12.45 Lunch
13.30 –
21:00 Hospitality suites

Thursday 20 July
09.00 Plenary Lectures:
Solid State Physics:

Central Hall
Giorgios Papavassiliou “Magnetic and orbital nanotextures in ferromagnetic transition-metal oxides studied with NMR”
Marc Baldus  “(Membrane) protein complexes investigated by solid-state NMR spectroscopy
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Session 7A:
Solid State Physics 1:
Janez Dolinsek Chair
Claude Berthier
Session 7B:
Biosolids 2:
Beat Meier Chair
Kurt Zilm
“High-field NMR studies of field-induced phase transitions in low-dimensional systems”
“Structure Determination, Methyl Groups and Water in the Solid State NMR of Proteins”

37. Alexander Panich
38. Robert Blinc
39. Adriana Popa

40. Erica Wise
41. David Middleton
42. Henrike Heise

12.45 Lunch
14.15 Session 8A:
Bio-Macromolecules 1:
David Neuhaus Chair
Gerhard Wagner
Session 8B:
Catalysis 2:
Simon Duckett Chair
John Brown
“NMR methods for studies of large proteins and their application to problems of protein biosynthesis.”
“NMR in the service of asymmetric catalysis”

43. Rolf Boelens
44. Gerhard Wider
45. Lars Kuhn

46. Ruth Gschwind
47. Paul Elliot
48. David Doty

16.00 Tea Break
16.30 Poster Session 2
17:00 Oxford Instruments Vendor presentations: Central Hall
18:00 JEOL Vendor presentations: Central Hall
19:00 Remove posters
20.00 Conference Dinner – Railway Museum

Friday 21 July
09.00 Session 9A:
Geoffrey Bodenhausen Chair
Yishay Manassen
Session 9B:
Bio-macromolecules 2:
David Neuhaus Chair
Frederic Allain
"Noise spectroscopy on a single spin"
"NMR of protein-RNA complexes: Shape and sequence-specific recognition"

49. Stephan Appelt
50. Guilhem Pages
51. Robert Prance

52. Bernd Simon
53. Janina Buck
54. Miquel Pons

10.45 Coffee Break
11.15 Plenary Lectures:
Central Hall
Dan Rugar “Nuclear Spin Detection and Imaging by Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy”
Peter Wright
"Excited states and (NMR) relaxation: Linking protein dynamics to enzyme catalysis"
12.45 Close of conference
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Departure