EUROMAR is a major undertaking of the European Magnetic Resonance community that is merging under one this name three formerly separate international conference series: AMPERE congress, the European Experimental NMR conference (EENC) and the UK RSC NMR Discussion Group.

Versatility of magnetic resonance in its many fields of application generates continuous demand for a variety of new more advanced techniques. This demand fuels rapid evolution of magnetic resonance into apparently diverging branches. However, a common physical basis and a common language turn this diversity into a powerful force for new discoveries.

EUROMAR's mission is to become a converging place for magnetic resonance research in Europe and world-wide and to actively contribute to its evolution. The main purpose of this conference is to identify new frontiers and areas of application of magnetic resonance, to promote innovative ideas and techniques among a large community dispersed both geographically and by specialization, and to encourage interdisciplinary exchange.

EUROMAR is supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF) for a five-year Research Networking Program (2007-2011) including training and discovery activities with the participation of European National Societies of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electronic Paramagnetic Resonances.

On behalf of the conference Organizing committee and the EUROMAR board, it is my pleasure to cordially invite you to join us in making EUROMAR 2008 in St. Petersburg a venue for fruitful interactions and stimulating exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Olga Lapina
Chair EUROMAR 2008