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30 June - 4 July, Bilbao, Spain

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The EUROMAR 2024 conference will take place from June 30 to July 4, 2023, in Bilbao, Spain.

Chairman: Oscar Millet

More detailed information is available at the dedicated webpage for this event.

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Registration to EUROMAR 2024 is open.

Calls for the Richard Ernst Prize, the Varian Young Investigator Award, and the Shimon Vega Travel Award are open (deadline April 15).

Call for proposals for a joint EUROMAR-ISMAR conference in 2027

EUROMAR as a subdivision of the Groupement Ampere, organizes annual Magnetic Resonance meetings in Europe, whereas the worldwide International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR) organizes biennial meetings spanning the entire globe.

The EUROMAR Board of Trustees (BoT) and the ISMAR Council have agreed to hold a joint Magnetic Resonance conference in Europe in the summer of 2027 (July or beginning of August). This joint conference will be a major international event, expecting to attract up to 1000 participants from all continents, featuring plenary, invited and contributed presentations on all subfields of Magnetic Resonance.

We are currently soliciting proposals from European Magnetic Resonance scientists who are interested in hosting this joint EUROMAR-ISMAR conference in their own country or region in 2027. If you are willing to carry out this important and rewarding task for the Magnetic Resonance community, please contact the EUROMAR BoT (anne.lesage@ens-lyon.fr, sabine.hediger@cea.fr) and ISMAR (stephan.grzesiek@unibas.ch, alexej.jerschow@nyu.edu) for an initial discussion.

Full proposals shall be submitted by May 31, 2024 to the above-mentioned contacts and include the following details: local organizing committee, location, overall budget, social program, means of access, sponsorship, etc. The proposals shall then be presented and assessed by representatives from EUROMAR and ISMAR during the EUROMAR conference in Bilbao on June 30-July 4, 2024.

We are looking forward to receive your applications!

With best regards,

Anne Lesage (Chair of the EUROMAR BoT) and Stephan Grzesiek (ISMAR President)

About Euromar

Euromar is a subdivision of Groupement Ampere, that organizes annual meetings on the subject of magnetic resonance, usually in the first week of July. The meetings are held in different locations within Europe, and cover all aspects of magnetic resonance, including NMR, ESR and MRI.